20 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

Macaroni and cheese, cereal milk, saké, condiments and crackers are just a few of the food items that have inspired unusual ice cream flavors created to appeal to consumers with adventurous tastes. A far cry from the usual vanilla, chocolate and strawberry varieties, these unique ice cream flavors promise to challenge peoples’ palates and get them to see frozen desserts in new ways.

Recently, Tyra Banks announced SMiZE Cream as her newest business venture and with it, unusual flavors like Chocolate Barbeque, a smoked chocolate ice cream with chewy brownies and roasted almonds. Other new and notable creations include Van Leeuwen’s collaboration with Kraft Dinner for National Macaroni & Cheese Day and Jeni’s Breakfast Ice Cream range, which includes standout flavors like Everything Bagel, which captures the essence of a perfectly seasoned bagel with a balance of sweet, salty and umami flavors. – Lifestyle Trends

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