10 Niche Coffee Devices

As many continue to adjust to remote work, at-home coffee solutions are vital for getting through the long workday. From recreating a go-to coffee order to buying barista-style milk, at-home coffee setups have been essential for many remote workers. There are numerous niche coffee devices on the market that are easy-to-use and perfect for any coffee aficionado.

A fun addition to anyone’s coffee paraphernalia collection is the Chef’n Switchit French Press Stirrer and Timer. This device is ideal for any French press drinker who wants that perfectly brewed cup of java. Once the hot water is poured into the press, this silicone device is placed in the water, mixes the coffee grinds, and starts a four-minute timer in order to achieve the ideal brew. The Chef’n Switchit French Press Stirrer and Timer comes at a reasonable cost, can withstand extreme heat, and is perfect for any coffee enthusiasts rushing in the early AM. – Lifestyle Trends

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