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Tranquil Asymmetrical Wall Clocks : Wooj Design Masuno Clock

The Wooj Design Masuno Clock is a design-conscious timekeeper that will enable onlookers to keep track of the time, while also incorporating a Zen-inspired decor piece into their home. The clock is 3D-printed with recycled polylactic acid and gets its name from the foremost living practitioner of Zen landscape architecture Shunmyo Masuno. The clock is paired with brass hardware that will position itself well against the Zen-inspired background to make it easy to read and also pop against its backdrop.

The Wooj Design Masuno Clock comes in three colors to choose from including Cobalt, Coral and Mustard, and is paired with a reliable quartz movement within and powered by a single AA battery to make it suited for placement almost anywhere. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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