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Top 80 Furniture Trends in October

As furniture trends continue to evolve as consumers spend more time at home, the October 2021 furniture trends show us one element has not been lost — comfort.

In terms of furniture and the e-sports industry, the October 2021 trends showcase a more inclusive design model with the launch of the Soft Kitty Ergonomic Chair series from AndaSeat. Available in more feminine colors like macaroon blue, pink, and white, the chair was created to appeal to female gamers and certainly does not sacrifice comfort with its ergonomic design.

Another intriguing example is the stress-reducing hugging chairs designed by Alexia Audrain. Officially dubbed The OTO Chair, the piece was designed specifically for individuals with autism and features a hug-like mechanism that helps soothe individuals experiencing sensory overload. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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