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‘The Simpsons’ Introduces First Boyfriend Of A Key Male Character

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After carrying a seemingly undying torch for his boss Mr Burns, Waylon Smithers (voiced by Harry Shearer) has found new, reciprocated love, and viewers will get to meet him when the episode Portrait of a Lackey on Fire airs on November 21.

This pivotal moment draws inspiration, in part, from the personal experience of The Simpsons writer Rob LaZebnik’s son, Johnny. In fact, the younger LaZebnik was also the muse behind the plot for Smithers’ coming-out episode in 2016.

Now, father and son—both television writers—have paired up to pen an update for the character’s previous stagnant love life. Smithers’ first boyfriend is Michael De Graaf (voiced by guest star Victor Garber), a billionaire fashion mogul.

The significant other also finds this new relationship profound and refreshing. As a powerful figure in the fashion world, he’s been used by partners who mainly wish to get ahead in the competitive industry. “He wants that middle-America regular guy who isn’t about status and fashion stuff,” The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman told EW.

Rob LaZebnik told the New York Post that it was “super fun and rewarding” to work on this project with his son, who shares a similar sentiment of the opportunity, calling it “spectacular and fulfilling.”

With 21st Century Fox now under Disney’s wing, viewers can expect to see more representation under the direction of the House of Mouse.

[via New York Post and EW, cover image via FOX / IMDb]

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