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The Glowing Garden Tattoo Sheet

Tattly is known for having, as the website says, “fake tattoos by real artist” and has recently added ‘The Glowing Garden Tattoo Sheet.’ Half of the tattoos are in classic black ink, and the other half uses glow-in-the-dark ink that appears almost white on the skin makes for a beautiful contrasting composition both in the light and in the night.

Rose Wong is the artist behind The Glowing Garden Tattoo Sheet. Her love of plants seems to be the inspiration behind the design. Consumers can apply the different variations of delicate-looking foliage to their skin to make, as the name of it suggests, a glowing garden.

Tattly tattoos are non-toxic and last for about two to four days. Consumers can purchase The Glowing Garden Tattoo Sheet on the Tattly online store.

Image Credit: Tattly, Artist Rose Wong – Modern Art and Design Trends

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