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Tesla Rises Up Most Popular US Luxury Cars Ranking, Overtaking Mercedes-Benz

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This year, more people in the US have purchased Teslas as compared to Mercedes-Benzes, according to Experian data cited by Automotive News.

Elon Musk’s automotive firm had over 230,000 vehicle registrations from January till September 2021, over 20,000 more than the German automaker.

Overall, Tesla now ranks third when it comes to the sales of luxury vehicles in the country. BMW clinched the number-one spot once again, with over 250,000 registrations, while Lexus followed behind in second.

Of course, as Insider noted, this ranking only reflects sales stateside, as Mercedes-Benz still outsells Tesla by over a million vehicles globally. However, seeing how new to the market Tesla is, its trajectory from selling 100,000 cars in 2017 to nearly a million worldwide this year is no small feat.

Could Tesla outsell the major European brands by the end of the decade? Well, with how things are going, it certainly isn’t impossible.

[via Insider, cover image via betto rodrigues /]

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