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Tesla Is Opening Up Superchargers To Other EVs, Elon Musk Explains How It Works

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After an impromptu “wait, what?” announcement from CEO Elon Musk that Tesla’s Superchargers are going to be compatible with other electric vehicles (EVs), the CEO has confirmed some further details.

Musk elaborated on his strategy during the Tesla Q2 earnings conference call, reports Electrek. He reportedly also shared that this would be available to all users in markets where Tesla uses the CCS standard. The solution is going to be a “real simple thing,” Musk said at the earnings meeting.

“You just download the Tesla app, you go to the Supercharger, you just indicate which stall you are in, you plug in your car, even if it’s not a Tesla, and you just access the app to tell ‘turn on the stall that I’m in for how much electricity,’ and this should work for almost any manufacturer’s electric car.”

But what about the connector that’s unique to Tesla cars? Musk explained that an adaptor is going to be available soon, allowing anyone with an EV to use the Supercharger network. This opens up a new stream of revenue for the company and allows EV users to access the Supercharger network. This network is, after all, something that gives the company a boost up from the rest of its competition.

Another detail that was revealed was how the company plans to introduce other EVs into its network without overloading the system, creating long queues and dissatisfying waiting times. It’s apparently going to implement dynamic pricing based on charging speed and traffic at specific stations, encouraging shorter charging sessions.

No news yet on whether Tesla will come up with a solution for its users to use third-party charging stations, though. But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves here; that could very potentially be its next move.

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