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Study Art in the Northern Rocky Mountains at Montana State University

The School of Art at Montana State University offers two master’s degrees, a Master of Art in Art History and a Master of Fine Art in the studio area. The MFA program is designed for the professional artist, including those who plan to teach art at the college level, while the MA program prepares students for graduate work leading to careers as academic instructors, museum curators, or art critics and in allied fields such as art administration, historic preservation, and gallery work.

The goals of these degrees are twofold: To center the graduate experience in the conceptual and production processes of sophisticated art-making, and to graduate individuals who are capable of successfully developing, organizing, and executing complex artistic/entrepreneurial endeavors. As they progress toward earning their degrees, students have the opportunity to engage with traditional fine art media along with environmental art and new media.

Montana State University’s MFA program is housed at the Melvin Graduate Studios and exhibition space in Bozeman, Montana. Our studio faculty include experts in the fields of painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and metalsmithing, all of whom are engaged in their research and studio practice on an international level.

Study areas for the MA students are located on campus in Haynes Hall. Art History faculty have extensive experience in the fields of museum curation and archival research, as well as a collectively distinguished record of publication across a diverse range of topics.

MSU offers a number of funding and fellowship opportunities for graduate students, with a particular interest in supporting Native American applicants. Many students receive teaching assistantships that provide fee waivers and in-state tuition rates to help defray the cost of study, which are awarded annually on a competitive basis. Financial aid is also available to students who show evidence of need. While such assistance may take various forms, most graduate students receive aid through loans.

Applications for the studio MFA degree are due February 15, 2022, and applications for fall admission to the MA in Art History are due March 15, 2022.

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