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Sony’s Mind-Bending Billboards Has Cat Pouncing From Screen To Screen For Food

Video screenshot via Cross Shinjuku Vision

The aroma of grilled tuna is so alluring, this kitty is breaking the fourth wall to get to it.


 3D illusion billboards are coming into favor with advertisers because of how they truly pop out, visually breaking borders and “jumping” towards bystanders. However, Sony Network Communications, an internet service provider under the tech giant, is doubling down on this concept by using two nearby LED screens in Tokyo to trick the mind.


To celebrate a million lines being subscribed to its NURO internet service, Sony has transported its feline mascot into the advertising space of Cross Shinjuku Vision, the very same spot that sometimes lodges the popular giant 3D calico cat.



The animation envisions Nyaro the cat stirring awake, presumably from the whiff of maguro (tuna), then locating the source of the aroma and pouncing a few buildings away to get hold of the fish. It succeeds and performs a dance of triumph. According to Sony, this campaign marks the first time the two displays have been activated for a single sequence.


It goes without saying that the optical-illusion marvel has enamored consumers, and a TikTok video capturing the advertisement has since drawn over 1.5 million views from viewers around the world.




♬ Fresh – Official Sound Studio

An adorable cat,
 incredible visual effects, and silly dancing—who could resist?


Video screenshot via Cross Shinjuku Vision


[via RobotStart and PR TIMES, images via Cross Shinjuku Vision]

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