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Samsung Mocks Apple’s $19 Cleaning Cloth By Making Its Own Version Free

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From headphone jacks to charging cables, Samsung has been dragging Apple left and right over stuff the latter doesn’t give for free. And it’s almost as if the Cupertino tech giant has asked for the provocation this time—recently, it launched an official cleaning cloth and smacked a US$19 price tag on it.

This moment was, naturally, too delicious for Samsung to pass up too. Dutch Samsung-centered news site Galaxy Club came across a promotion for German members of the Samsung Members app that channeled all attention on the Samsung Galaxy Care Cloth, an obvious stab at Apple’s ultra-minimalist product.

Samsung Germany described its version of the Apple cleaning cloth as a “must-have,” and even specified dimensions—the Samsung cleaning cloth measures 20 x 20-centimeters, which has more surface area than Apple’s mere 16 x 16. The cloth will be given to the first 1,000 members who sign up for the offer for free.

By touch, customers won’t know the difference between the free and premium pieces of fabric, because Samsung’s one is also “velvety soft.” Samsung’s cloth seems superior though, if its copywriting is to be believed. Whereas Apple describes its cleaning cloth to be “compatible” with all Apple devices, Samsung’s version cleans “your Samsung Galaxy [and] other surfaces.”

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