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Rechargeable Bug-Repelling Devices : mosquito repellent device

This conceptual mosquito repellent device has been designed by WuShuai as a solution for restaurants that offer outdoor seating to keep them free from annoying insects in a decidedly modern way. The device follows on the aesthetic of Dyson technology products and is paired with a low-power fan in the center of the device that helps to send out mosquito repellent and create a radius of protection. The unit is imagined with a wireless functionality that could remain out of sight underneath the table to offer protection, but help keep it out of the way of diners.

The conceptual mosquito repellent device was explained by WuShuai who said, “When the device is adsorbed under the dining table, it will automatically start to work. The waiter can remove the device and place it on the table when no one is dining at the table. The battery can be easily removed, and all the batteries can be stacked together for charging.” – Modern Art and Design Trends

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