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Plasma Air Purifiers : Sumikaze

In early 2022, Sumikaze is launching as a compact plasma air purifier that boasts the ability to inactivate up to 99.99% of airborne viruses. Created by the NGK SPARK PLUG CO.’s Venture Lab innovation team in Japan, Sumikaze boosts indoor air quality within 60 minutes, while also tackling mold, bacteria and odors. The compact and aesthetically pleasing purifier is a great addition to small offices, shops and homes, especially when concerns of airborne threats are high.

Unlike other air purifiers that need to have their filters replaced regularly, this low-maintenance solution has no expensive filters that need replenishing. The space-saving, affordable and quiet solution will be coming to Las Vegas during one of the most highly anticipated tech events, CES 2022. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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