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PANTONE Creates All-New Blue For Tom Brady And His Upcoming Fashion Brand

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In announcing his new clothing brand earlier this month, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady declared his intent to build an empire as prominent as Nike’s Jordan line. Well, it seems the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback could be leading this plan with his very own PANTONE color.


PANTONE has created a new color, called ‘Brady Blue’, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and his eponymous fashion label BRADY, per Women’s Wear Daily (via Sports Business Journal).



The intense blue embodies “strength and confidence, imbued with an inner intensity emblematic of Tom Brady’s self-determination and commitment to precision,” says PANTONE.


Rather than mirroring the blue of the Patriots, Brady Blue is symbolic of “the brand’s founding principles to be the best you can be,” according to a PANTONE news release. It is a hue of “fearlessness, resilience, and confidence towards achieving peak performance,” just like the ambitions of the NFL legend and his label.


BRADY will launch on January 12 before heading to select Nordstrom stores a week later, on January 19.





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