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Organic Pebble-Patterned Rugs : Grain Collection

Boutique rugmaker Heymat has teamed up with designer Stin Aas to launch the Grain collection, a unique assortment of modern rugs inspired by the organic patterns found in stones and natural minerals.

Nuanced and wholly unique, the patterns found on the new Heymat Grain rugs consist of individually colored shapes. According to the brand, no two shapes are exactly alike, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Aside from its soothing aesthetic quality, the patterns also conveniently camouflage dust and dirt, making these incredibly versatile carpets for lived-in homes.

“I wanted to work with patterns and structures rather than a classic motif, and I found inspiration in an exposed aggregate finish consisting of small, uniquely shaped pebbles,” said Stine Aas in a recent press statement.

The rugs come in three colorways — Sandstone, Amethyst, and Granite — are perfectly proportioned for enhancing entranceways.

Image Credit: Heymat – Modern Art and Design Trends

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