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Modern Intuitive Kitchen Appliances : The Hoto

The Hoto is a smart kitchen scale, ideal for the modern home. Smart kitchen appliances have modified how we prepare meals by facilitating the processes through technology. Hoto is no different. Its intuitive and simplistic design allows users to prepare accurate portions for any meal.

This smart kitchen scale is equipped with a single interactive knob and connects other Hoto users from across the world through an accompanying social media channel. Designed by Lu Zheng, the smart scale boasts an interactive control panel. The Hoto’s scaled-back design includes stainless steel controls with a polished, reflective sheen, with a consolidating control knob that functions as the scale’s power sensor, wight dial, and net-zero button. Through the social media app, users can share recipes with other users.

Image Credit: Lu Zheng – Modern Art and Design Trends

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