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Minimalist Internationally-Designed Furniture : L.Ercolani

L.Ercolani is Ercol’s new sister brand. The British furniture manufacturer wanted to honor its founded Italian designer Lucian Ercolani with the company’s newest branch. Ercolani believed in making quality-crafted furniture pieces that consumers will cherish for generations to come. This concept is the inspiration behind L.Ercolani’s launch.

The sister company will foster the brand’s classic furniture pieces such as the Butterfly chair and the Studio couch. In addition, a range of upcoming collections designed in collaboration with international and British designers will be exclusively available at L.Ercolani. The mix of contemporary and classic designs showcases the brand’s commitment to its roots and its ability to innovate throughout the changing times as the business moves into its 101st year of operation.

Image Credit: L.Ercolani – Modern Art and Design Trends

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