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Mediterranean-Inspired Outdoor Furniture : BOSC Outdoor Furniture Collection

The BOSC Outdoor Furniture Collection has been designed by the Made Studio for GANDIABLASCO as a range of exterior seating solutions that will call to mind the Mediterranean lifestyle. The collection pays homage to the structural weaving techniques observed on furniture from communities around the Mediterranean, but makes use of an aluminum structure instead of plant-based fibers. This gives each of the pieces a structured design that is naturally inspired, but with a contemporary spin that will easily withstand the elements.

The BOSC Outdoor Furniture Collection includes two and three-seater sofas as well as a lounge chair, six types of sectional sofas, five types of coffee tables and a sectional pouf. Each of the pieces can be mixed and matched with one another to achieve a specific look and feel.

Image Credit: Made Studio/Gandia Blasco – Modern Art and Design Trends

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