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McDonald’s Is Apologizing For Its Confusing Spoon Design With Free McFlurrys

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Everyone has an embarrassing anecdote, and it turns out that mistaking the McFlurry spoon for a straw is a shared experience nobody really wants to admit to.

It’s not exactly common knowledge that the spoons are blending devices, and that the hollow openings in them are for attaching to soft-serve machines, which then spin the utensils around to mix the toppings into the dessert.

McDonald’s is largely aware of the confusion it has caused, and it is finally making up for it by giving out free McFlurrys to anyone who has been deceived into slurping from its spoons before on May 4 at participating outlets.

Along with a breakdown of why its McFlurry spoons are designed this way, McDonald’s announced that it is giving away free McFlurrys to “everyone who has ever even thought the spoon was a straw… so yeah, everyone.”

This is all part of the launch of its new Caramel Brownie McFlurry. In order to redeem a regular-sized serving of the new flavor, customers will simply have to “scan the offer code in [the] McDonald’s app”—no purchase needed—at grab one at a participating McDonald’s.

If you prefer to stay at home, there’s also an option for a free Caramel Brownie McFlurry with McDelivery orders of US$15 and above on UberEats. More details can be found in the video below.

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