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Innovative Smart Food Processors : Omni Cook

TOKIT recently announced the launch of its new cutting-edge smart food processor, the Omni Cook. The new kitchen device features a space-saving design ideal for any sized kitchen.

In addition, the Omni Cook boasts various high-end functionalities and modes, making it simple and easy to prepare a variety of meals. These include over 11 culinary modes, automated cooking processes, a could use recipe database with free updates, a self-cleaning mode, automated temperature control, new recipe options through free updates, and versatile accessories.

The Omni Cook from TOKIT will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter with early bird prices of USD 599/ EUR 599 for only 72 hours, while supplies last (a total savings of 40% from its suggested retail price).

Image Credit: TOKIT – Modern Art and Design Trends

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