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Iceland Spoofs Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Presentation In Cheeky Tourism Campaign

Video screenshot via Inspired by Iceland

In its rebrand, the former Facebook waxed lyrical of the metaverse, a new experiential world with wondrous things to see and almost touch. Iceland, however, says such a world already exists.

In a hilarious spot, the country’s tourism board parodies Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation with a lookalike dubbed “Zack Mossbergsson.” The human character with robot mannerisms welcomes viewers to an “Icelandverse” with a “very natural setting” and a pioneer of a “not-so-new chapter in human connectivity.”

Like the metaverse, the Icelandverse boasts “enhanced actual reality” but doesn’t require “silly-looking headsets,” the presenter touts.

“It’s completely immersive with water that’s wet, humans to connect with… there’s real moss you can look at… skies you can see with your eyeballs, volcanic rocks you can caress…” Zack Mossbergsson elaborates.

The tourism body even takes the liberty of recreating that paparazzi-moment-turned-meme of Zuckerberg’s face being caked in sunscreen.

And just like Meta’s branding, the ‘Icelandverse’ logo of the Iceland map is multidimensional too, turning into a 3D object that spins.

[via Insider, video and cover image via Inspired by Iceland]

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