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Google’s 2021 ‘Year In Search’ Validates How The World Has Grown From The Pain

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People everywhere are emerging from the uncertainty and learning “how to heal,” according to Google’s 2021 year in review, which is more poignant than ever.

The phrase reached an all-time high in multiple languages globally, as did “how to honor someone,” “how to take care of your mental health,” “how to stay strong,” “how to be hopeful,” and “how to move forward.”

Although these inquiries stem from pain, they’re a sign of growth and indicate a willingness to get better post-lockdown. The keywords “how to make a come back” validate this. People have been frequently looking up “affirmations” too.

“Across the world, we were looking for ways to come back stronger,” says Google. One of the first steps involves asking big, uncomfortable questions like “what is my purpose?” and “how to be yourself.”

As many watched their only source of income dissipate in 2020, some users aren’t taking those chances again. In 2021, lookups for “how to start a business” exceeded “how to get a job.”

Beyond this, we’re also learning to be better friends, family members, partners, and caretakers—for both humanity and Earth. Other queries that are more popular in 2021 than ever include “how to conserve,” “sustainability, “ and “how to help our planet.” In addition, people are actively searching for how to help Afghan refugees and stop Asian hate this year.

Although users are still looking for ways to stay connected and engaged indoors, this year saw a transition to the outdoors. “Soulmate” was searched more than ever in 2021—and, amusingly, “how to style straight leg jeans,” hinting at an eagerness to give up sweatpants.

But we’re only humans, after all. A comical takeaway is how the phrase “what are the odds of being struck by lightning” has been overshadowed by “what are the odds of winning mega millions” in the US.

Watch Google’s stirring Year in Search video for 2021 below.

For the full timeline of this year’s top searches, check here.

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