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‘Glitch Image Generator’ Flips Your Photo Into Something Much Cooler

Composite image, photo via Marcus Santo / Unsplash (CC0) 

Coinciding with Matrix season, Toronto-based front end engineer Adam Fuhrer has created an image generator that automatically makes your photos “glitch.”


The ‘Glitch Image Generator’ features 17 modes—including color-dodge and burn, multiply, difference, hard light and soft light—to bring a sci-if zest to your pictures. You can also tweak how glitchy you want them  to look, as well as adjust the transparency of the effect.


Below are some examples of varying styles and opacities:


Composite image, photo via Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash (CC0)


Only thing—the final images don’t come back in the same sizes as the originals and are much smaller, so they’ll work better in collages than as standalones. All in all, it’s still a pretty fun tool to help change up your photos.


Give it a go by heading over here.





[via Glitch Image Generator, images via various sources]

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