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Early Pitch Decks Of ‘Billion-Dollar’ Companies Before They Became Famous

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It’s not every day that you can listen to case studies of Facebook, Airbnb, Tinder, and others straight from the mouths of the founders themselves, but this free resource might be the next best thing.

Early-stage investors database PitchBear has culled a selection of early pitch decks from now-coveted startups to not only encourage new entrepreneurs to stay committed to their goals, but to also shed light on what others have done right—or wrong (everyone’s looking at you, Fyre Festival). The collection, optimistically named ‘Billion Dollar Pitch Decks’, aims to eliminate the anxiety of building pitch decks.

At present, the new website already has over 100 presentations to browse through, but it intends to unleash more each week.

Every successful startup has had its own version of a garage-to-riches or napkin-drawing-to-blockbuster story. Your brand could be among the ranks of these, too. Explore a few pitches below, and view much more for free here.







Fyre Festival





[via Product Hunt, cover image via Alexey Boldin /]

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