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Disney Confirms Loki Is Gender-Fluid In New Teaser For Marvel Series

Video screenshot via Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Studios is snapping the trope of hypermasculinity in action films into dust with the upcoming Loki television series, coming to Disney+ on June 9.

A new teaser confirms the eponymous God of Mischief as gender-fluid, which is in line with depictions of the character in the comics. According to CBR, Loki has taken on the appearance of a woman in a number of issues, and his adoptive father Odin once hinted this gender identity when addressing his children as “my son, and my daughter [Angela], and my child who is both.”

This is, however, the first instance that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has confirmed Loki to be gender-fluid. In a new 18-second video, viewers are offered a brief look at the file the Time Variance Authority (TVA) has compiled about Loki Laufeyson; “Fluid” is indicated under “Sex.”

It’s certainly a tribute to Marvel lore, but it’s also a huge step forward for Disney, which has traditionally kept to developing heteronormative characters. This has changed in recent years, as Disney is gradually diversifying to include LGBTQ+ roles.

[via CBR, cover image via Marvel Entertainment]

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