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Crowned Art Deco Skyscrapers : CetraRuddy

CetraRuddy completed the construction o a skyscraper in New York’s Rockefeller Center with a chevron-patterned facade. The new building pays homage to the surrounding art deco buildings in the neighborhood. Moreover, the architects and designers on the project opted for a crowed top roof to complement the New York skyline.

Dubbed the Rose Hill Tower, the new building is complete in a bronze color. Its sculpted crown fits perfectly into the area’s art deco style of building, a visual style that dates back to 1910. “The tower responds to that legacy with its embrace of dynamic geometries and crafted materials,” as the architects from CetraRuddy explain. The interior is complete with light and dark wood features.

Image Credit: CetraRuddy – Modern Art and Design Trends

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