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Car-Crafting Waffle Makers : CucinaPro

Kids will play with their food no matter what, so why not make breakfast a little more fun by purchasing CucinaPro’s new Cars & Trucks waffle maker.

CucinaPro’s Cars & Trucks waffle maker is a clever creation that turns waffle mix into 3D cars and trucks. While this sounds complicated, the whole thing is surprisingly simple. Simply pour your favorite pancake or waffle mix into the nonstick slots and close the lid to cook the edible automobiles. The top half of the appliance The top features corresponding cutouts, so it molds the top half of the cars and trucks as it cooks. The result is seven tiny car and truck waffles, all of which feature different shapes and designs.

The CucinaPro Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker is available now from Amazon.

Image Credit: CucinaPro – Modern Art and Design Trends

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