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Best Pottery Wheels for Artists and Educators –

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1. Speedball Boss Elite SQ Pottery Wheel

This 14-inch wheel has brought the potter’s surface up to you, with a table setting that sits flush with the top of the wheel’s basin, instead of the basin sitting atop a table. Stability is the name of the game with this potter’s wheel, as each leg of the table is uniquely adjustable, enabling the evening of somewhat uneven floors, so that everything remains centered and measured. The wheel can hold up to 175 pounds in capacity, making it stable and suitable for large-scale projects.

2. Brent Potter’s Wheel

The legs of this wheel fully adjust to be either floor or table height, making it fully adaptable to every potting style. With a heavy-duty frame, it’s sturdy, yet only has the capacity for about 75 pounds of clay. While that’s plenty of support for most projects, artists working with larger-scale items might prefer another wheel. This, however, is a strong and reliable wheel for potter hobbyists who are looking for something that will perform well, predictably, and last a long time.

3. Cozyel Pottery Wheel

Beloved by educators, this potter’s wheel offers tons of options and adjustability. Not only is it low noise, but the rotation is smooth, and its specially designed independent pedal design allows for better control over the speed. It also features a removable water basin and a leakage protection switch at the bottom of the machine, which allow for easy clean-up and less mess while potting. What’s more, it’s also compact and comes in a variety of colors!

4. Mophorn Pottery Wheel

The unique feature of this potter’s wheel is its portability, as the wheel measures less than ten inches in diameter. The wheel is smooth and consistent with low noise but is able to rotate at a speed of up to 300 rpm. Ringing in at less than $200, it’s a great option for amateurs and professionals alike who are looking for a potter’s wheel that works well for smaller projects.

5. U.S. Art Supply Reverse-Direction Wheel

At just shy of $500, this is definitely a has-it-all potter’s wheel choice. While it’s suitable for (and beloved by) beginners, the power that this machine boasts makes it a favorite among more-professional potters. This portable machine boasts a powerful .75-hp motor, running an 11-inch wheel that holds up to 25 pounds of clay. It features a foot pedal option that can be plugged in or left off, with an LCD display that’s easy to adjust for speed, with or without the pedal.

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