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Ayesha Enamel Bacon Grease Can

Cooking oils and grease are often disposed of after recipes have been prepared but the same doesn’t usually go for bacon grease amongst avid chefs, so the Ayesha Enamel Bacon Grease Can is intended to provide a dedicated spot to hold the fat.

The container is crafted with a steel construction that is enameled for enhanced durability, which also makes it easy to clean and remove grease when it’s needed for your next recipe. The four-inch container is paired with a secure lid and is suitable for placement on a countertop near a range to expedite pan pouring or in the fridge.

The Ayesha Enamel Bacon Grease Can comes in several color options to choose from and features an old-fashioned branding on the exterior to give it a touch of charm. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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