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Apple Music Now Displays The Most Popular Songs In Cities Around The World

Image via Apple Music

Not to be outdone by Spotify’s Charts, Apple Music has now introduced playlists that feature the top 25 songs in more than 100 cities worldwide. The addition was part of the iOS 14.5 launch, which included brand-new privacy settings and emojis.

According to Billboard, the songs on Apple Music’s charts will be updated daily. You can find the playlists in the Browse section of the app, but for those who aren’t subscribed to Apple Music, you can still view the charts online.

As per Input, unsurprisingly, people around the world listen to a lot of the same music. Most playlists worldwide feature well-known songs by artists like Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X, and SZA.

Nonetheless, it’s still interesting to see what others are listening to around the world, and compare them to your personal taste in music. Plus, while browsing cities like Madrid and Paris, you’ll get to diversify your tastes by listening to popular songs that aren’t in English.

Want to know which songs are trending in your city? Surf through Apple Music’s playlists here.

[via Input, images via Apple Music]

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