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5G-Enabled Gaming Smartphones : PlayStation 5G

The conceptual PlayStation 5G smartphone has been designed by Anesthétique Projets as a portable video game solution that would offer users an impressive way to enjoy a multitude of experiences with a singular device.

The smartphone aims to merge the device of the mobile device with that of a handheld console to offer something of a modernized version of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) from yesteryear. The device is thus outfitted with a range of PlayStation-style action keys, a D-pad and shoulder buttons to boot.

The conceptual PlayStation 5G smartphone is outfitted with a total of seven Zeiss camera lenses with two on the front and five on the back, and features the namesake 5G connectivity to allow for seamless gaming.

Image Credit: Anesthétique Projets – Modern Art and Design Trends

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