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23o5studio sculpts a place of quiet serenity in ho chi minh city

a place of serenity and silence


in ho chi minh city, 23o5studio completes a thoughtfully designed residence dubbed ‘kimchon house.’ the space is built in celebration of raw concrete and simplicity of form, while the atmosphere invites the occupant to retreat into a place of harmonious quietness. the architect comment on the spirit of the project: ‘in thinking about architecture, I always obsessed with serenity, silence and intimacy.’

images by hiroyuki oki



23o5studio’s peaceful dwelling


the team at 23o5studio designs its kimchon house with flexible residential program the architects note their aim toward an ‘ambiguity of definitions,’ and that the space is built with a specific function, but can be used for many different functions, a neutral, stimulated setting. activated by the user.


the space is separated into different layers with a homogeneous material inside and outside, blurring the boundaries, only the subject and the atmosphere surrounding the subject determine the character of the space according to the characteristics of the space. intended use and each activity taking place. a large opening with the space connecting the sky and the building, has metaphorical and evocative meanings about the small image of humans in front of the vast nature.

23o5studio kimchon house



the light-filled kimchon house



with its kimchon house, 23o5studio makes thoughtful use of light within different zones of the house. this at once directly and indirectly separate the overall space into different components — light, materials, transitions, tranquility, temperature, environment all create a feeling that is peaceful and familiar with the atmosphere of traditional asian housing spaces. the stillness in space creates a connection between the subject with nature and a deep sense of self

23o5studio kimchon house 23o5studio sculpts its kimchon house as a place of serenity in ho chi minh city

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