Frequently asked questions

How do you deliver Followers?

We're partnered with multiple vertically and horizontally integrated Incentivized Ad Networks where we run reward based Social Boosting campaign to achieve user acquisition goals for our clients.

Simply put, we drive High Quality User Activity by publishing your Handle to our incentivised networks.

There are millions of registered users all across the globe ready to engage in return of some economic value to them. Your specific requirement is automatically published along with your link/handle to our networks as alive gig. As soon as it goes live, people who're online at the time start engaging based on your requirement to earn money. There are millions who're making a side income doing this, on the other hand brands like yours are gaining the social media push it requires.

Are these real human users?

All users are 100% Real Human users. Every Follower is registered to our partner networks. Everyday tens of thousands of new registrants join our network(s) to make a side income online.

Will they be liking and engaging with your future posts?

They may, but in 99% of the cases don't expect any engagement unless your content is extra-ordinary. Theyโ€™re only paid to do perform a pre-determined task and in this case to Follow your account, beyond that we do not guarantee that the users will engage in any capacity.

Will my followers be dropping off?

Yes. Our followers are from real accounts however we don't provide any guarantee if the followers unfollow you after some time. The owner of the account can unfollow at any time if he/she does not like your content. For normal services drop-offs can be upto 50%, but most of our services are of premium quality hence the drop-offs are only upto 5-20% and they are mostly auto-refilled for the first three months. You'll always get the exact number of followers you've ordered and moreover - you'll continue to receive additional followers overtime to re-fill the drop-offs.

Who is this service for?

If you're a creator, influencer, startup, a brand, a marketer, creator, artist or an internet personality looking to boost your presense on Instagram - then these services are for you. We do not provide above 50,000 followers to prevent people from mis-using our service. We help people gain popularity, ranking and greater organic engagement on Instagram. Whether you're just starting out or have a significant following, InstaBumper could still help you take your brand to the next level. Along with Followers, we have a variety of Growth Optimisation services to help you grow every aspect of your Brand on Instagram.

Will my Instagram account get penalized?

NO. YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT WILL NOT GET PENALIZED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is not a BOT service, none of the service we provide indulge in Bot generated Followers & Likes - hence our service is 100% safe from any form of penalization. Unlike some of the other providers, weโ€™re not sending you bot followers and likes - weโ€™re sending followers whoโ€™re incentivised to perform a task and following you manually acting like a managed ad network.

When you run offers, discounts and ask people to Follow/Like/Share in return of a Free Gift or discount coupon - you're essentially incentivizing their action. This is exactly what we're doing here, but on a larger scale. There's is nothing wrong with incentivizing people to follow your account- as most free offers, referral offers and discount coupon marketing is based on the same technique.

When your account drives thousands of bot followers without posting any content or any engagement whatsoever - that is promptly identified by Instagram Spam Filters and penalized immediately, that is why we provide only Human Followers.

How long does it take for you to deliver results?

Most of our orders are set to auto drip-feed which essentially means they will be delivered in a natural pace and pattern. However for older accounts we can also choose to drive 1000s of Followers and likes in a few hours or a day.

Can you deliver 10 Million Followers?

The combined number of registered users on our partner networks can even deliver 50 Million Followers, however - if you need over 100,000 Followers kindly email us with your Handle, we will first analyse your account whether it would be healthy for your account for that kind of growth. Our first priority is the Safety of your account, sending 500,000 Followers overnight to a few days old account - can have adverse effects. That is why our self-service packages are limited to 100,000 in most cases even for fresh accounts.

Can you deliver users from a particular country, region or interest?

Yes we could. You can customize your order according to your requirement. We do not have all countries available right now, however the most stable services are from USA, Europe.

What is your refund policy?

We believe in helping all customers as far as possible, if for a valid reason you're not satisfied with your purchase - we'll issue a full or partial refund depending on how much work has been done. I don't think, you would seek a refund as we're quite confident about our services.

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