Real Likes & Views from Real Users Delivered AUTOMATICALLY To every Photo, Video, Reel you Post on Instagram!

Why go out of your way to buy Instagram Likes manually with every new upload?

Our system detects new uploads in your Insta account within 60 seconds and sends you 'Likes' automatically.

Some of the cool benefits of our Autolikes service

  • Gain natural looking popularity on Instagram Photos & Videos
  • Give a fair chance for your posts to viral
  • Complete hands-free likes delivery - no work needed
  • No need to share password or give access to your account
  • No need to order individually for every post

Key Features of the AutoLikes service

  • 100% Real likes from Real Instagram accounts
  • Automatic detection as soon as you you upload an image or video
  • Video Views - We’ll send you the same number of views to your videos
  • Natural looking 'likes' dynamic number of likes sent to each upload
  • Likes are delivered at a realistic pace
  • Same day setup & delivery

No subscription, No hidden charges - simply pay as you go for only the amount you need.

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Automatic Detection

New uploads are usually detected within 60 seconds of upload.

Dynamic Likes

Not every post will get the same number of likes - you'll receive dynamic number of likes to maintain a natural look.

Realistic pace

Our likes are automatically paced out over hours depending on the package you're on.

No subscription

There's no subscription to be worried of, pay as you go - for long term custom plans contact us..

Magic of Auto Likes

Focus on the quality of your posts, while our system automatically takes care of pushing your post to virality. Everytime you post something on your account, our system automatically detecs and starts sending 'Likes' without you having to do anything.

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Step 1 - Upload Media

You're already doing the first! Just upload a picture or video to your Instagram account.

Step 2 - Wait

In just a minute our system will detect your latest upload. You don't have to do anything!

Step 3 - Watch it grow

Likes are delivered to your new uploads at your desired speed.

The quickest way to increase followers and popularity of your Instagram account. InstaBumper is the fastest way to jump start your Instagram's popularity.

Boost your Instagram Post Popularity on Autopilot!

InstaBumper upholds itself on providing the highest quality Likes from Real Instagram users for every campaign you place with us - we don't compromise on quality to make a a few extra bucks. Our Instagram users are 100% Real people who will like your posts. We provide the most natural looking, at a dynamic pace maintaining the best health for your Instagram accounts. We're not one of the bot-providers - mostly work with startups, brands and influencers hence providing top notch quality is always our priority.

We're so confident that you'll be satisfied with our services that if you're not happy for any reason we offer a 30 day no-questions money back guarantee.

InstaBumper has years of experience providing Instagram Influencers with the most advanced growth campaigns to maximize profits. It's time that you give your Instagram the advantage it needs. And best of all, it requires no work on your part. We'll do all the work and you can sit back and watch the flood of new likes flood everytime you make a post - attracting eye balls of your audience and peers immediately and most likely going viral depending on the merit of your post.

Key Highlights of our services

100% Automated

There's no work needed from your end, once your order is placed. You can completely focus on your other area of business while InstaBumper's Automatic Detection technology takes care of making your posts popular.

Used by Top Influencers

We're proud to have some of the leading influencers on Instagram as our clients. You can be rest assured - that we would only provide the best in class quality likes from unique users.

No password needed

We do not need your account password or partial access, simply keeping your account private would be fine. All you have to provide is the Username and customization of your campaigns.

Dynamic speed

You can choose the speed of delivery according to your requirement. We also add a dynamic number of likes to keep your campaign extremely natural looking for Instagram Algorithm and for your audience.

Instant setup

Unlike other providers where you need a day or two for campaign setup, with us your campaign goes live the same day and you can start tracking visitors as soon as the campaign goes live.

Guaranteed Results

You'll get guaranteed results everytime. There are no excuses made on under delivery for any of your campaigns with us.

Most commonly asked questions

How many of my posts will receive automatic likes?

To prevent abuse of our system, automatic like delivery is limited to your first 6 posts per day. Don't worry, we have alternative options for those who post more often. Simply contact us for details.

Do I need to give you my password?

Absolutely not. Your password is completely confidential. All we require is your username.

Can my account stay private?

No, we cannot detect new posts on private accounts. Therefore, users must have their profiles set to public in order to receive automatic likes.

Can I receive likes on my older posts?

We do not automatically send likes to your older posts. However, you may purchase likes manually for your older posts.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your new subscription, simply notify us and we will refund you - no questions asked.

Have more questions? Click here

How exactly do you deliver real likes?

Unlike most other services out there, we do not use illegitimate methods to deliver your likes. Whenever you share a new post, we show it to our in-network users in real time. If they've opted in to our Like Program, they'll give your post a like.

Will my account get banned or disabled?

Our services are used by some of the top celebrity influencers on Instagram - hence we always maintain the highest protocol in all our campaigns.
Our system is 100% safe and will not get your account banned or disabled. Not one of our thousands of customers has ever been banned as a result of using our services.

When will I receive my automatic Instagram likes?

Our system monitors your account 24/7 and detects your latest posts within 60 seconds. Likes start delivering to your posts immediately after it is detected.

Can the likes I receive be spread out?

Absolutely. You can adjust how fast or slow you want to receive likes. Depending on your personal preference, speeds range from Instant to 4 hours.

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Phillip Boyd 1840 posts · 293k followers

InstaBumper gave my page the kickstart it needed. It was tough building up my following at first because it’s incredibly competitive on Instagram. But the likes I got from InstaBumper gave my Instagram page the kickstart it needed and got me a lot more attention. From there, I was able to keep building on that momentum and now my following is steadily increasing. Also, the likes you get are from real Instagram accounts. That’s really important.”

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Helen Schmidt 3,185 posts · 133k followers

“It’s the best way to build up your Instagram account.
Let me start off with InstaBumper is the best way to build up your social media account. It helped me out a lot. What’s awesome is that the likes you get from InstaBumper are from real Instagram accounts, so it really does give your following a major boost.”